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When 18-year-old Luke discovers the diary of his recently-deceased brother Marius, he and his single mother are forced to relive painful memories of Marius’s illness and avoidable death. In discovering hidden truths about Marius, Luke must come to terms with secrets of his own.

Brothers is an adaptation of the popular Dutch youth novel Gebr. by Ted van Lieshout. Gebr. has been translated into 12 languages and won multiple prizes. It has recently been reprinted to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The English translation of the book can be bought here.

Brothers is currently in third draft and has been developed in the UK and the US. In October 2017 Brothers had its first industry showcase, directed by Richard Israel, at London’s Arts Theatre . The Above the Stag Theatre hosted a staged reading of Brothers in February 2018. Martian Entertainment hosted a reading in New York in July 2019.


  • Running time: 90 minutes
  • Cast size: 4-6 pax (1 male, playing age 17; 1 male, playing age 15; 1 female, playing age 45; 1 male (doubling up for 6 parts, or split between two actors), playing age 18-35)
  • Band size: 2 – 4 pax (piano, guitar, bass, drums)

Brothers is now available for licensing through Theatrical Rights Worldwide.

Brothers Book Cover