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Without a story,

there is nothing to tell.

As a songwriter, lyricist and playwright, or as a journalist and PR consultant, I’m always looking to tell tales that touch audiences. The stories that interest me most are the ones that make people cry.
Currently, I am working on Brothers, a musical adaptation of the popular Dutch youth novel Gebr about death, loss and sexuality. I am also co-writing Catch Me, a musical about suicide that had a two week run at the Arts Theatre in London in November 2016 and a short outing in Amsterdam in 2017. The farcical musical Forgive Us, Oh Father! played, after a run in Leeds in October 2016, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017.


Hi! My name is Arnoud – which rhymes with aloud. I love to tell stories, either through music, lyrics and dialogue in the theatre or through text, audio and video as a journalist and PR consultant. Clarity, accessibility and effectiveness are important and in my writing I strive to be easy on the ear, fresh and surprising.

Before focussing on musical theatre I worked as a financial journalist for 16 years. I needed a change, so I moved into geopolitical PR – but that didn’t give me the creative fulfilment I needed. Whilst sitting behind my laptop on a rainy Tuesday morning, I read that Mountview Academy started an MA in Writing musicals. “That’s what I want to do!”, was my first thought. I applied and when I got accepted, I left my career and followed my passion. After being tutored by the fabulous Rob Hartmann and Jenifer Toksvig, I graduated with distinction in 2016 and I’ve been writing and composing ever since.

My work could most recently be heard and seen at:

  • Tristan Bates Theatre, London (June 2018) and Arts Theatre, London (May 2018) for Prelude: I Will Hold You and Invisible from Brothers and the title song from  Forgive Us, Oh Father!
  • The Federal, Los Angeles (May 2018), for FNAM 3rd MondaysInvisible from Brothers
  • The Dutch Embassy, London (April 2018): I got commissioned to make a new vocal arrangement of the Dutch national anthem for the King’s Day Celebrations 2018
  • Hebrew-language workshop of Brothers in Tel Aviv, directed by Dan Kiesler (April 2018)
  • Above the Stag Theatre, London (February 2018), staged reading of Brothers
  • Clapham Omnibus, London (Febrauary 2018) for Tiny Shows

I’m currently working on various new projects, but I’m always open to discuss potential new collaborations. I’m represented by Performer Agency in Amsterdam. Most recently I adapted the multiple award-winning Dutch novel Brothers by Ted van Lieshout, a story about two brothers who deal with love, death, secrets and sexuality. In collaboration with Harry Style I wrote the farcical musical Forgive Us, Oh Father!, a story about a lazy priest and his unfortunate congregation. Catch Me, a black comedy about suicide and how five friends deal with a suicide, was written together with Christian Czornyj. I also translate lyrics and shows from Dutch and German to English.



  • Retirement – A show about 5 friends in a retirement home.
  • Balls – How does a young, vibrant guy deal with testicular cancer?
  • Steam – Which masks are a homeless drag queen and a member of the House of Lords, who meet casually, wearing?
  • Interns – A story based on real events: are politicians being seduced by their interns, or are they sexually abusing them?
  • Love boat – A trans-media, immersive story as part of a PR campaign for a cruise line.
  • Refuge – A small community is shaken when refugees arrive: there are more crimes, but also more romance.
  • R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – After an abusive relationship, a woman finds love, respect and herself in this upbeat jukebox show.